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Why Money Rules the World

f4It seems outrageous that leaders can lie their heads off during campaigns and then use one excuse after the other to avoid keeping promises once they secure their positions. It is the same in every country where democracy is practiced and yet it is against the will of the people to give in to liars and cheats. In Australia, where elections will be held on July 2nd 2016, questions are raised about donations to the two main political parties.

Evidence presented on a local television investigative program, Four Corners, shows why? It appears that big companies who donate large sums to their preferred party gain access to politicians and even the Prime Minister to influence policies that will advantage their business. While nothing is admitted along these lines the evidence is compelling.

Every election costs millions for advertising and in campaign expenses. Leaders fly all over the country as they criss-cross it many times while the press follows. They set up meetings and engage in handouts for services in seats they feel they can win while ignoring those that are firmly in the opposition’s quarters.

Their funds are mostly raised from donations so why wouldn’t those who give expect something in return. The bigger the company the more they give while small operators who either give less o nothing at all are obviously left out in the cold.

If this is the way politicians get elected and those in business operate then it proves conclusively that money is running the country. Greed and an uneven playing field ensures that those with the deepest pockets are the winners and they will see that their ‘man’ is elected whatever the cost.

This doesn’t only happen in the election in Australia but is an obvious practice in almost every country, whether democratic or not. Ignorance starts with secrecy and avoidance of the truth. The inequality promoted by such practices allows the cheats and liars to gain office and this is shown in the increasing rise of the rich against the increasing poverty of the poor.

My interest in politics and finance is sparked by my reincarnation and knowledge that humans are followers of the two beasts of Revelation. The second of these is Constantine who established the Catholic Church and set up the financial system of the World Order. He has caused the financial crisis that looms over the world by his work and the wall of confusion he built.

Paying People to Borrow Money The Financial System Is in Crisis

f9If someone offered to pay you to borrow money to buy a house would you rush in? There would have to be an air of caution, surely, as something sounds suspicious when banks interest rates on mortgages are now in the minus, as is the case in Japan. That means that the financial institutions are rewarding people who borrow from them. The question is why and how does it work?

The economic situation in the world is at crisis point but one has to be in the know to appreciate it. Since the global financial crisis (GFC) of a few years ago the situation was never really fixed. It was, more or less, pushed under the carpet until now when it is serious enough that finance is a dicey issue.

My role is not as an economist but someone who is spiritual and in the know that we are in the last days and everything in prophecy is coming true. That includes the end of the World Order and the systems that it is based on. The two pillars of The Establishment are religion and finance and both are crashing.

When the GFC happened it was the result of lending for home purchasers whereby the value of properties was highly inflated and money was handed out to those who could not repay it. So what will happen now when interest rates are so low, one and a half percent in Australia alone, and the value of properties is skyrocketing. Houses in Sydney that sold for a couple of thousands of dollars 40 years ago are now selling for over a million with some well over that figure.

Many houses in Sydney are empty because they are owned by overseas investors who are waiting for their value to increase. The ordinary working couple are so desperate to buy a home that their mortgages are often higher than what they can reasonably afford. That means going without essentials to meet the payments. It’s an unsustainable situation.

This is only a small example of what the financial world is facing because it is inevitable that the value of homes will suddenly drop, as they did in the USA and elsewhere to spark the GFC. When it happens it will leave the financial institutions with huge debts that no one can repay. In an attempt to prevent that from happening the banks in Japan are paying people to take out a mortgage. The same must soon happen in Australia and elsewhere if the bubble is to be kept floating.

The world is changing before our eyes as the massive population is having an effect on supply and demand. Prophecies state that this is another sign we are in the end times and that all who have lived before are back. My reincarnation proves that this is the case as we have all returned and are here to learn the truth at the end.

Money Rules and People Follow It

f7If anyone needs more proof of the truth in these words than look no further than the American elections and the rise and rise of Donald Trump. A billionaire who has everything he could ever want or need is now promising the most outrageous policies should he be elected to the Presidency of the United States. Leaders around the world are holding their breath as they wait to see if Americans will really fall for the fact that money rules and the one who has it leads the pack.

Business and the ability to make money is now the target of the majority and some have openly expressed their feelings that Donald Trump will create jobs for them. Do they need a wakeup call? Hello! What can he do for anyone when he has threatened just about every country that deals with the United States in one way or another.

The uneducated and ignorance of people is echoed in their behaviour. The fact that they are falling for the potential leadership by someone who has never held office is extremely telling of how little they know or care. The same thing is being played out in Australia where the current Prime Minister is also on the brink of being a billionaire. He is promising to turn the fortunes of all around if they re-elect him on July 2nd.

His time in politics is brief and not something that has produced a good record of achievement. So why don’t people know to do their research and get a better understanding of what he can and might do for them?

Over my life-time many politicians have come and gone of all persuasions and my interest extends to those of other countries as well. Never has there been such a scenario whereby two leaders in the first world countries of great importance to world peace been so inexperienced and unsuitable for such high office.

People who have very little wealth or assets are the ones most likely to vote for them because they believe the dreams put forward from their mouths. They cannot discern the lies from the hype and politics that is being spun to get them elected.

Revelation 13:13-18 describes the second beast with the number 666 as Constantine, emperor of Rome. He installed a system of commerce by which the World Order is run today. It allows this problem to manifest because it is based on the rich having more wealth and the poor getting less. That means that rich politicians will do nothing for those who are currently pinning their hopes on the prospect of self-made billionaires showing them the way out of poverty.

My spirituality prevents me taking part in money-making enterprises and I can easily sympathise with those who need to make money in order to live. Memory of reincarnation has taught me that in the long run it does not do anything for anyone and as the world heads closer to annihilation by war mongering countries the prophecies concerning how 666 is destroying the world are being fulfilled.

People like Trump and the Australian Prime Minister, Turnbull, are in cahoots with his legacy and their goal, in my opinion, is one of pride rather than providing help to others who are pinning their hopes on them.