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Seven Reasons Why You Should Have a Financial Planner

f12To achieve life goals and objectives, one needs to spend money wisely. According to a recent study, the reason why many lottery winners end up becoming bankrupt in less than three years is that they lack information and guidance on how to spend their winnings. To avoid such problems, seek the services of a professional financial planner. Here are some of the primary reasons why one should have an expert money adviser.

1. Manage Income

One of the best ways to meet monthly expenses and save a certain percentage of income is by planning. Experts in this niche help clients to understand the amount of money that they should set aside for tax payment, savings, and monthly expenditures.

2. Increase Cash Flow

Most people change their spending patterns due to an uptick in income. A money adviser can teach one how to improve cash flow by monitoring expenses and spending patterns. More importantly, wise spending, tax planning, and budgeting results in more savings and less spending.

3. Grow Capital

Needless to say, an increase in cash flow results in an increase in capital. Safeguard the future and consider channeling some of the money into investments that offer recurring profits. An accredited financial planner helps clients to choose the best investment opportunities that exist in the world today.

4. Safeguard the Future

It is imperative to lay out the necessary plans to ensure that loved ones have enough money to live on after the death of a parent, caretaker, or spouse. Apart from saving a portion of the income in a fixed or savings account, consider having an insurance policy. Be sure to pay monthly premiums on time to get maximum utility from the policy.

5. Get Professional Investment Advice

By seeking professional financial planning guidance, clients get crucial information that helps them choose an investment that resonates with their goals, needs, and personality. Poor investment decisions can compromise the client’s ability to meet his obligations.

6. Enjoy Increased Standard of Living

Through good cash management, it’s possible to save enough money for a rainy day. A good insurance coverage policy tailored to cushion people from loss of income can ensure that they still live a comfortable life, even if they are no longer able to work due to an injury or other unforeseen occurrences.

7. Improve Asset Management

Managing assets is not an easy task. It is imperative to manage them well to get optimal profits. Based on the fact that most of them come with liabilities, it is crucial to know the real value of each. A planner’s advice teaches investors how to deal with liabilities as well as how to build assets that will not become a burden to manage in the future.

6 Easy Steps To Organize And Pay Your Bills

f11Paying your bills every month is a necessary part of anyone’s life. However, if you do not have a handle on this aspect of your life, you may soon find yourself in financial trouble. Without a proper bill-paying system in place, you can amass debt, heighten stress, and put your finances and credit rating at risk.

Your goal should be to pay off every single bill on time, every time.

Now, how can you make sure you pay your bills the right way every single time? Simple! Use a checklist. In this article, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a checklist for you. Check it out, and ask yourself if there are any holes in your current bill-paying routine.

1. Create a list of all your outstanding expenses and debts.

If you have to pay for something, make sure that it gets added to this list. Categorize the items where possible (fixed vs. monthly expenses, bi-weekly expenses, and one-time expenses.) Put the most expensive payment at the top and the lowest one on the bottom.

2. Develop a budget that ensures you can pay these bills and expenses each month.

Do you know how much money you make each month? If your expenses add up to more than you’re making, you need to evaluate your spending. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions. Call your cell and landline providers, and ask them to review your current plan to see if there are any new promotions that would lower your bill. Do the same for your cable bill. In other words, do what it takes to save money each month instead of throwing it away on unnecessary expenses.

3. Determine due dates as soon as bills arrive.

Do NOT file bills away “for later!” – especially not until you’ve read and examined the due date. Instead, do this:

· Open bills immediately upon receipt

· Determine the due date

· Circle the due date so it’s easy to find later, and

· Do a quick check to see if the charges look correct.

4. Secure a designated place for incoming bills.

As soon as you open your mail, place all bills in a location you’ve designated for bills only. This eliminates the possibility that the bills get lost before you pay them. Don’t forget that late payment may result in late fees or extra interest you can easily avoid. You can also sign up for paperless statements. Caution: If you decide to go the paperless route, be sure to download and review the statements monthly and file them in a folder on your desktop or in the cloud. It is of utmost importance that you have an organized digital filing system in place. You will understand the importance when you need to retrieve a statement. Depending on your comfort level with technology, consider using FileThis software that allows you to link your online accounts to automatically fetch all of your online statements in PDF format.

5. Set up a routine.

There are a few payment options from which to pick. You can:

· Pay all of your bills with paper (i.e., checks and envelopes)

· Integrate your bills with electronic banking for a seamless process

· Use both e-banking and paper (so most of your bills are handled online while you make some payments, such as income taxes, with traditional checks)

Some people review and pay any bills as soon as they receive them in the mail. Others prefer to create a standing appointment of an hour or two on a specific day to handle the task. To ensure the payments are always processed and received before their due dates, figure out what works for you. Then, stick with it.

Keep all bill paying statements and supplies you need nearby so you can handle the job efficiently.

Remember: there is some lag time from when you send a payment to when it’s received by the person or company you owe. Not scheduling your bills on time has the potential to affect your credit rating in a profound way.

6. Use financial software to keep track of bill paying.

Financial software from Quicken, Mint and your bank’s proprietary software helps organize your bills and payments. These systems also help you set realistic budgets and help track spending to reach your financial goals.

Most banks allow you to pay your bills using a smartphone app. You can then log into your bank account to pay bills online or set up a schedule for recurring payments. Often they’ll allow you to transfer funds from one account to another and make deposits remotely, as well.

Money Wealth and Power Hide the Truth

f10Money is man’s solution to power and progress. It was invented as an exchange of goods for the god which is the origin of ‘x-change’ and it relates to the cross. Men died on crosses in expectation of rising to heaven with the sun at dawn to become Father Gods. To ‘marry’ Mary, the Mother God of Babylon, and fertilise ‘her’ came about after the start of agriculture some 4,000 years ago. It is the start of formal religions born of that city.

At the same time the Spirit ‘seeded’ a group who were selected to be the children of Israel. Given strict instructions on how to maintain their link to the real God the idols and false gods of religion tested them. They were condemned to torture and death when they refused to follow the orders to worship them. Their pain over the course of the day has brought retribution against the world.

Men who died on crosses were the ‘x-change’ as the cross changed them into gods. Their bodies were consumed by their followers in expectation that their power would be imbibed within and those who partook of it would be elevated in some way. This is still the case in religious rituals born of it as ‘communion’ is partaken of in some of them.

The man on the cross was the ‘man in the eye’ or ‘man-I’ from whence come ‘money’. He was also the ‘doll of the sun’, where ‘doll’ represents the stiff, lifeless form. The old term for sun is ‘or’ and ‘doll-or’ is the origin of ‘dollar’. After his death he was ‘sent’ on his way up and ‘cent’ is another form of ‘money’.

In a vision the light of the Mother God was shown to me when the dawn’s rays passed through a small hole and dispersed. The rings of light that form from such an event are awesome. They are full of the colours used in the Buddhist religion where the ‘circles’ are spun in a form of pray. The ‘circle of light’ is in ‘o-el’ which is the origin of ‘oil’ which was used in ancient lamps as lights.

The symbols and sounds of the early languages were shown to me as those contained in them today, It is a complete record of how man thought and behaved when there were no recorded scripts. Taken to this source the past can be read like a book and this is what the Spirit showed me to do when it asked me to remove the wall of blindness that has brought the world to its present state.

My reincarnation is proof that heaven and hell are myths born of sun worship. It is not enough to tell the world that as the evidence has to be produced to prove it. That is where the Spirit led me to uncover the past so that its presence can be seen as the real God.

‘B-el’ means ‘bearing god’ or ‘born a god’ and it is in associated words like ‘b-al’, ‘b-o-l’, and ‘bull’. The bull in the eye of power is ‘bul-I-on’ or ‘bullion’ which is the basis of the monetary system. ‘Bulls’ still represent gods as they are constantly fought against by men who test their strength against the power.

The real power, however, is the Spirit of the Universe and those linked to it are rewarded as healing miracles and peace is showered over them (Ezekiel 39:29). Money and wealth destroy that link and bring those who seek it to an end as we are in the last days. Everyone is back and they are judged according to where they seek their power and the gods they worship. The monetary systems are on the brink of collapse and they are being destroyed because they are nothing but folly in God’s eyes.

Paying People to Borrow Money The Financial System Is in Crisis

f9If someone offered to pay you to borrow money to buy a house would you rush in? There would have to be an air of caution, surely, as something sounds suspicious when banks interest rates on mortgages are now in the minus, as is the case in Japan. That means that the financial institutions are rewarding people who borrow from them. The question is why and how does it work?

The economic situation in the world is at crisis point but one has to be in the know to appreciate it. Since the global financial crisis (GFC) of a few years ago the situation was never really fixed. It was, more or less, pushed under the carpet until now when it is serious enough that finance is a dicey issue.

My role is not as an economist but someone who is spiritual and in the know that we are in the last days and everything in prophecy is coming true. That includes the end of the World Order and the systems that it is based on. The two pillars of The Establishment are religion and finance and both are crashing.

When the GFC happened it was the result of lending for home purchasers whereby the value of properties was highly inflated and money was handed out to those who could not repay it. So what will happen now when interest rates are so low, one and a half percent in Australia alone, and the value of properties is skyrocketing. Houses in Sydney that sold for a couple of thousands of dollars 40 years ago are now selling for over a million with some well over that figure.

Many houses in Sydney are empty because they are owned by overseas investors who are waiting for their value to increase. The ordinary working couple are so desperate to buy a home that their mortgages are often higher than what they can reasonably afford. That means going without essentials to meet the payments. It’s an unsustainable situation.

This is only a small example of what the financial world is facing because it is inevitable that the value of homes will suddenly drop, as they did in the USA and elsewhere to spark the GFC. When it happens it will leave the financial institutions with huge debts that no one can repay. In an attempt to prevent that from happening the banks in Japan are paying people to take out a mortgage. The same must soon happen in Australia and elsewhere if the bubble is to be kept floating.

The world is changing before our eyes as the massive population is having an effect on supply and demand. Prophecies state that this is another sign we are in the end times and that all who have lived before are back. My reincarnation proves that this is the case as we have all returned and are here to learn the truth at the end.